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Nowa Marina Gdynia Concept Design

Conceptual design of the interior of the Nowa Marina Gdynia facility

The project posed a huge challenge for us, but at the same time was a source of great professional satisfaction. In order to introduce a new quality of the place, we drew on many historical sources. The plan was created as a concept for the place in 2016. For the hotel, the interior design is an attempt to create an interesting microcosm, tell a story, narrate and even play with the recipient, who, when experiencing a new place, often looks at it with attention, openness and insight. The level of concern for his satisfaction, delivered non-verbal messages, suggested stories, nuances and metaphors are his map of cognitive attractions, which he discovers with pleasure and looks for their meanings, connections, and senses. It is a map of signs whose discovery becomes part of the narrative and the place.


Interior zones of the Nowa Marina Gdynia hotel

The interiors of the hotel were designed with the following zones: entrance lobby with a long bar and a neighboring restaurant, common areas and corridors, rooms in various styles – from women’s to men’s with different colors and equipment, a wellness area with a swimming pool, as well as an office-business-conference oriented area.

Areas of inspiration when creating an interior concept

The project includes material solutions, individual design concepts for furniture, and a collector’s piano – WHALETONE, along with unique lighting. At the graphic level, the identification of the interior and the building was designed consistent with the aesthetics of the area and a specially prepared historical background set in the style of the famous Gdynia modernism.

The architecture of Nowa Marina is a transparent, legible, modernist concept, and therefore nobly disciplined. This is a great advantage of the building, which with its design is an important and dominant point of reference for everything that will happen inside it.

The interiors of the modernist buildings were characterized by a way of operating with a rounded form, seamlessly flowing in the corners with fluid lines, combined with a strong graphic, contrasting set of colors and materials, consistent with the architecture. A large amount of off-white, combined with black stone, dark areas of marble and granite cut off with black borders of the surrounding frames. Small geometric patterns combined with large, clean surfaces. The decorations are very rare but strong and decisive, the palette of colors is limited to white, black, grey, dark wood and rusty brown.

In our search, we also reached for a great legend closely related to Gdynia and its history – to great ships and Batory in particular. Its style, interiors and equipment are a rich source documenting the aesthetics of this era – rounded shapes characteristic of ships, contrasting combinations, trims, strong black columns, upholstered, full furniture, round barstools and tables, abstract decorations.

Nature as the main inspiration for the hotel interior

Coastal elements provide many ready-made, formally complex and clearly identified forms. The rippling of sand, the shape and pattern of stones, faded colors and rawness of materials after their contact with water, rust, roughness, barrenness, visible life in nature, slenderness and line of seabirds, a counterpoint between the vastness of water and space and the tiny forms of the coast.

The sea is a ready-made set of harmoniously arranged rhythms, colors associated with order and simplicity, but also with changeability that is attractive, visible and intense; it is also a resource of legends, history, readily available artistic materials and decorations that are pleasant to interact with, often unpretentious, related to a pure relationship between man and nature. The sea is also a gateway to the rest of the world with its richness and diversity.

Despite the orthodox attitude of radical modernism that does not recognize decorations and ornaments, it is visible and smuggled in the form of graphic compositions of the shapes used, thus creating clear graphic compositions that, even despite the black and white photography, convince of abstract, almost painterly compositions and modernity, still formally attractive and futuristic even today.



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